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The day-to-day weight we carry in the form of stress, tension, or physical injury impacts our mind, body, and spirit, often in profound ways.

Massagetique is an online directory of massage providers created to help lift those persistent burdens and encourage people to relax, feel good, and heal. By connecting people with the right massage providers, we contribute to a healthier, happier, and more peaceful world. Massagetique is brought to you by the team at GoodTherapy.org, a leading online psychotherapist directory. GoodTherapy.org honors the mind-body connection through the motto, “Everyone deserves to feel good.”

If you’re seeking a massage, search our directory and find providers in your local area, browse our helpful resources to learn about various massage therapy and bodywork techniques, and visit our blog for useful tips and information from massage therapists. We screen massage therapists to ensure they are licensed to practice in their state before listing them in our directory. In the few states that do not require a license, we make sure practitioners are certified in a massage or bodywork-related field from an accredited institution.

If you’re a provider, list your practice today for free to increase your online presence. You can also promote your expertise and reach more potential clients by submitting articles to the Massagetique blog.


Make massage accessible and part of more people’s personal wellness plans by connecting those in need of healing or relaxation with the right massage or bodywork practitioner.

Help people understand the benefits of massage and bodywork for health, self-care, and well-being and provide quality educational resources for people and professionals interested in massage.

Offer informative practitioner profiles to ensure our visitors find the best massage services to heal and feel better. Support our members in reaching new clients, expanding their online visibility, and providing quality services.

Highlight the powerful ways massage and bodywork can support wellness and encourage our members and site visitors to practice regular self-care, so we can all live in a world where we experience life at its best.

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